What is MYKUBO?

It is a project that brings together artists, artisans and brands based in Portugal, connecting them with the digital world, through the dissemination of their work and stories on the website, online store and social networks.

The artist as a person, the emotions and the creative process are valued, respecting the time dedicated to each piece and its originality. Sustainability and conscious consumption are a priority. Therefore, a careful selection is made, creating a genuine environment, that benefits the quality and timeless present.


This project is made for those who value art, created with time and detail. MYKUBO stands out in the artistic world for its quality pieces and dissemination of the stories and emotions they carry.
In the national and international market, the purpose is to support artisans, artists and brands based in Portugal, which are distinguished by their authenticity and sustainability, taking them further and further.


MYKUBO seeks the appreciation and recognition of the creative and emotional process involved in Portuguese sustainable art in the national and international market.


Sustainability – “It is the harmony between the Economy, Society and Nature” (ENDS).

Quality – With limited collections, the “quality is better than quantity” makes sense.

Genuine – Unique, authentic and creative works, stories and emotions.

Timeless – To promote conscious consumption and avoid waste, we favor the timeless design.


Sustainability is the “Harmony between the Economy, Society and Nature, respecting biodiversity and natural resources, solidarity between generations and co-responsibility and solidarity between countries”, according to the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (ENDS).
In the current conjuncture, in which the impacts of climate change are beginning to be felt more intensely and incessantly, it is necessary to insist on increasing concern and sustainable action, in the various branches in which it operates.
For these reasons, MYKUBO has strict criteria for its community of artists, artisans and brands.

Regarding the environmental favoring, it is necessary that there is awareness in the choice of raw materials, preferably of great durability. The materials must be eco-friendly and biodegradable. Additionally, it is essential to be transparent about the levels of water and energy consumption and use of chemical materials.

Social sustainability is also an important point to be addressed through working conditions and social responsibility practices.

Local production and suppliers are factors that have a great impact, in general on all sustainable areas, but mostly on the Portuguese economy, allowing the support and development of small regions, by supporting businesses and creating jobs, being for this encouraged and valued.

This way, MYKUBO seeks to ensure and motivate the change to more ethical and conscious options.