Big Uni Sea Urchin – Wood


Handcrafted and made of wood, this sea urchin represents a piece of Portugal. Holding the memory of the unique moments spent in our country, the intense flavors tasted and the relaxed interactions.
Sustainable, handmade and inclusive, our sea urchins are developed with the support of disabled people, promoting the social integration, the development of skills and most important, the increasement of self- esteem.
UNI is 100% handmade in Ericeira, Portugal.

8 in stock (can be backordered)

8 in stock (can be backordered)

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Dimensions: 12 cm (height) 19 cm (diameter)

What inspired the creation of a wooden sea urchin?

It happened exactly a year and a half after a sea urchin sting me during a long surf session in the waves of Ericeira. If the spines are not removed immediately – and they were not – they go deeper and deeper, down to the bone. They stay for months, until they are rejected by our body. Only after 18 months – the sting mark disappeared. Months later, again during a surf session, a new sting triggered the memory of that long period the sea urchin spine remained deep in my foot. It was an intense sting that awakes (or “lingers on” instead of awakes) memories and leaves a deep mark. This could well be the symbol of Portugal, a symbol which contains the essence of the country. A curious and singular object able to ‘poke’ people and plunge “Portugality” in their bodies and minds for months – 12, in fact. Or a year. Or 365 days, as many as the spines that UNI has.