ROMBI aromatic vase


Rombi was molded using aromatic and colored wax our vases provide a pleasant and fun environment around you.
Rhombicuboctahedron (an Archimedean solid with eight triangular, six square, and twelve rectangular faces) with a complex shape, composed of eight triangles and eighteen squares, served as the basis for the Rombi vases.
With a waterproof material and its loose interior, they make it possible to care and water your plants in the best way and anywhere.

If the product is not in stock, it takes 1 week to produce it and have it ready for shipping.

More Information

Dimensions: L: 9 x W: 9 x H: 9 cm
Material: Aromatic Wax
Weight: ± 0.35 kg
Inside the Package: 1 Rombi
Package Dimension: L: 16 x W: 12 x H: 11.5 cm