Workshop Box: Calligraphy


With this calligraphy workshop box you will get a complete introduction to calligraphy.
You will get to try and learn three different font designs (Serif, Cursive and Brush), the latter will even teach you how to work with a brush pen (wow!).
Try different styles of fonts and you will never make those embarassing dots on top of your i’s again. After this, your christmas cards will definitely be the most originals in your family.


2 in stock (can be backordered)

2 in stock (can be backordered)

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Do it yourself with our calligraphy starter kit
Besides all the necessary materials that you need to learn how to write, the full alphabet (lower and upper case), on amazing font designs, you will also get a beautifully illustrated guide with step by step instructions to transform you into a true calligraphy master.

Calligraphy like a boss
Alongside with all the materials in your box, you will find some empty postcards awaiting your creativity. After you learn the ancient art of calligraphy, you will get a whole new way of showing off to your friends and we don’t blame you.