Denim Jogger Pants


Jogger pants are the perfect staple in any wardrobe. Timeless, they can be used over and over again, and passed between siblings, cousins or friends. Genderless design, tapered silhouette, cut from a single rectangular piece of fabric and made to order, generating very little waste and less idle stock.

Designed to last longer, they include a comfortable elastic waistband to promote self-dressing and undressing, and a longer leg with an elasticated ankle that allows your child to wear them longer. With interior reinforcement in the knee area to prevent rapid wear caused by playing on the floor.

Made in Portugal.

More Information

100% cotton
Elastic waist
Longer tapered leg with elasticated ankle
Two side pockets
Stronger triple stitching
Inner knee reinforcement

Wash less:
Air dry as much as possible. Remove minor stains with liquid soap. Before washing, put a little liquid detergent on the stains. Wash only when necessary, with a maximum temperature of 30ºC, use liquid detergent instead of Powder to prevent stains.

Air dry:
Do not dry clean, air dry. Hang clothes outdoors or on a hanger if possible.

Care is repair:
Cover stains or holes with small pieces of fabric.