Privacy Policy – GDPR

1. General Conditions

1.1. The personal data provided by Users at MyKubo Platform are stored digitally in the system and the responsible entity for its particular use or treatment is Kubology, with registration no 6527/2014 in the National Commission for Data Protection. Kubology respects and applies all necessary and appropriate procedures and protocols in compliance with REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of April 27, 2016 (hereinafter GDPR).

1.2. “Personal data” means any information related to an identifiable or identified natural person (it is considered “identifiable” a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification element).

1.3. Any person who, as a Buyer, proceeds to register at MyKubo Platform, regardless of whether they come to buy or sell any of the Product(s) available is considered a “User”, hereinafter.

1.4. User data (name, surname, address, shipping address and email) are necessary to place an Order through MyKubo Platform and, therefore, are requested within the scope of registration. Tax Identification Number is optional.

1.5. The data collected through the registration at MyKubo Platform is used exclusively to process Orders and in no way will it be transmitted to third parties, except to the Suppliers from whom they will purchase one or more Products and only for the purposes of issuing the corresponding invoices and delivery or return of the Products. MyKubo will take the appropriate procedures so that Suppliers also respect the rules of individual data protection.

1.6. Buyers authorize the transfer of the data mentioned above to the Suppliers.

1.7. Users’ email is only used for contacts related to the status of the order or information about the Products and Services available or to be available, in accordance with the formal authorization for this purpose given by the User according to the item 1.9. below.

1.8. The data can be found in a password-protected area at MyKubo Platform, with an access code chosen by the User during the registration phase and to which only the User has access.

1.9. By registering at MyKubo Platform, the User gives or does not give its consent to Kubology to send “unsolicited communications”, as provided in article 8 of the Decree-Law 24/2014, of February 14.

1.10. Kubology retains Users personal data only for the period strictly necessary for the purposes mentioned above, except when there are legal obligations of retention in accordance with the applicable legislation (such as tax or commercial legislation) that require the maintenance of Users’ personal data for a longer period.

1.11. The information provided by Buyers when making the payment is duly protected, being encrypted though the most advanced and effective security tools, namely the SSL Security Certificate under the responsibility of Stripe and Hipay.


2.Access to Collected Data

2.1. It is explicitly guaranteed to Users, at any time, free of charge and without any restrictions, the possibility of access to their data, as well as its respective deletion or rectification, in the terms provided in the applicable legislation through the password assigned to them in the registration phase.


3. Use of collected data

3.1. By registering at MyKubo Platform, Users authorize the collection, processing and transmission of their personal data under the terms and for the purposes described above, including to countries outside the European Economic Area.

3.2. Kubology does not process personal data that discloses racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union affiliation, as well as genetic data or data related to health or sexual life.

3.3. The responsible entity for the collection and processing of personal data is Kubology Lda., which can be reached by email [email protected].


4. Update of collected data

4.1. Buyers guarantee and are responsible for the reliability, accuracy and authenticity of the data provided to Kubology and agree to keep it duly updated until the removal of the respective profile at MyKubo Platform, who is obliged to carry out such updates and /or corrections if requested by the Buyers.


5. Cancellation of Buyer’s registration

5.1. Kubology retains Users’ personal data only for the period strictly necessary and for the purposes mentioned above, except when there are legal obligations of retention in accordance with the applicable legislation (such as tax or commercial legislation) that require the maintenance of Users’ personal data for a longer period.

5.2. Without prejudice of the referred in the above, Kubology commits to delete all personal data held by a specific Buyer always when the Buyer cancel his registration at MyKubo Platform.

5.3. MyKubo ensures that will treat Users’ personal data as confidential and only in accordance with and for the purposes indicated above and will not use or process any User personal data for any purpose other than to provide Product(s).

5.4. MyKubo will take sound procedures to ensure the reliability of all employees and subcontractors involved in the processing of personal data.

5.5. MyKubo will take sound procedures to ensure the reliability of all Suppliers, that they respect and comply with all applicable regulations and take all actions to adopt all necessary procedures to comply with and respect the GDPR.

5.6. In the case of transferring Users’ personal data outside the EEA, the User will enter immediately to a contract with the respective Parties using appropriate EU standard clauses or their equivalents (or request a contract, in case of a transference by or to a subcontractor, which this subcontractor settles on time).


6. Communications

6.1. In accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, the Client or User can contact Kubology Lda. to clarify any doubt about the Privacy Policy or to edit, correct or delete their personal data, at any time, through written request to Kubology Lda, to the following contacts:
a) Headquarters: Rua Fernando Seno, n.º 6, Centro de Incubação Empresas Évora, 7005-485 ÉVORA
b) E-mail: [email protected]


7. Privacy Policy and General Terms of Use

7.1. This “Privacy Policy” is an integral part of the “General Terms of Use” of MyKubo Platform and its reading, analysis, understanding and interpretation must always be carried out in accordance with the Terms and Conditions established in the referred document and other complementary documents, duly identified there.


8. Política de Privacidade e Termos Gerais de Utilização

8.1. A presente “Política de Privacidade” é um documento integrante dos “Termos Gerais de Utilização” da Plataforma MyKubo e a sua leitura, análise, compreensão e interpretação deve ser feita sempre em conformidade e em conjunto com os termos e condições estabelecidos no documento em causa e demais documentos complementares ao mesmo, ai devidamente identificados.


9. Abbreviations

9.1. Considering the provisions on the item above, the terms beginning with a capital letter in this “Privacy Policy” have the same meaning given in the “General Terms of Use” at MyKubo Platform, except if from this document results a different meaning.