Payment Policy

1. Payment Systems

1.1. The payment system currently available on the MyKubo comprises the use of the payment platforms Hypay, Paypal, Stripe, and MBWay.

1.2. The Buyer must indicate the preferred method of payment when finalizing an Order and must confirm and complete the data requested for this purpose.

1.3 The final amount of the Order shall be the amount corresponding to the Product(s), according to the confirmation referred, which are available to be supplied by the Supplier under the Order in question, plus shipping costs and any other charges related.


2. Payment Methods

2.1. Payment by ATM: the Buyer must choose to use the HIPAY system and then follow the instructions given. After receiving the “payment reference” mentioned in paragraph 3.1 above, the Buyer must make the payment due within 48 hours from the receipt of such reference.

2.2. Credit/Debit Card Payment: The buyer must choose to use the STRIPE system and then follow the instructions given.

2.3. Payment via PAYPAL: The buyer must choose to use the Paypal system, then follow the instructions given.

2.4. Payment via MBWay: The buyer must choose to use the MBWay system, then follow the instructions given.

2.5. Upon completion of the payment procedure, successfully, the Buyer will receive an email from Kubology confirming that the order was successful.


3. Information about the payment system and security of information

3.1. The information entered when making the payment is duly protected, being encrypted using the most advanced and effective security tools.

3.2. For more information about the payment processing companies, please refer to their respective websites, through the following links:
Hipay – 
Paypal –
Stripe –
MBWay –


4. Payment Policy and General Terms of Use

4.1. This “Payment Policy” is an integral document of the “General Terms of Use” of the MyKubo Platform and its reading, analysis, understanding and interpretation must always be done in accordance and in combined with the terms and conditions established in the documents in question and other complementary, duly identified.


5. Abbreviations

5.1. Considering the provisions on the item above, the terms beginning with a capital letter in this “Payment Policy” have the same meaning given in the “General Terms of Use” at MyKubo Platform, except if from this document results a different meaning.