Partnerships and Collaborations

Collaborations with capable and quality partners that allow us to maximize the positive aspects of any project or idea, are one of our priorities for the growth of MYKUBO and all the artists and brands involved in it.

Portugal Manual

Portugal Manual is a network of contemporary artisans and entrepreneurs in an ecosystem of business and knowledge transmission, in order to make known to the world the best of made in Portugal.

Its mission is to reposition the image of Portugal through new perspectives that redraw objects, ideas and values.
MYKUBO is the only online sales partner for the products of the brands present in Portugal Manual. Portugal Manual artists and brands have a discount on MYKUBO sales commission, the percentage being 25%.

Ignição Artesanal

Ignição supports motivated entrepreneurs to take the first step on their entrepreneurial journey, giving them a boost to turn their idea into a business. It is aimed at anyone who is motivated to undertake, giving the necessary support to structure, validate and launch their business idea on the market, considering the key assumptions of low risk and low cost.

Ignição Artesanal is a special edition aimed at artisans, artists or lovers of manual arts. Ignição Artesanal, promoted by Impulso, appears in partnership with MYKUBO, Parish Council of Misericórdia and MOBA.

MYKUBO actively collaborates in this edition, contributing to the sharing of knowledge and attributing benefits to entrepreneurs. The winner of each edition has their products on sale in our online store and with no sales commission for MYKUBO during the initial 3 months.

Clube Criativos de Portugal

Clube de Criativos de Portugal is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 and annually holds the most prestigious Festival of creativity in Portugal since 1998.
It was created with the aim of rewarding the best that is done in commercial creativity in Portugal, that is, advertising, design, events, digital, relational marketing, brand activation, public relations and media.

The CCP disseminates MYKUBO on the organization’s social networks.
All CCP members have a 15% discount when purchasing products in our online store.