12 August 2022

Yellow Wide shorts with patch pockets




The Salt Shirt


Croco Hemp Backpack


Rainbow Bag


Marta Cerqueira is a journalist and writes about the environment, sustainability and ways of making a (positive) impact on the world. Marta is the founder of Peggada – in one site you will find everything you need for a more sustainable life: bulk shops, sustainable hotels and restaurants, tips for buying second-hand clothing and more.
Sustainability is a topic that attracts more attention every day, something positive, but that can very quickly be turned into negative by those who use it as a false social responsibility. How can we recognize and combat “false sustainability”?

Sustainable, green, bio, are words that have entered our world as a guarantee that something better is there. We all want to believe so, but if we look with a critical eye, we quickly realize that, many times, these banners are nothing more than marketing and that they serve to camouflage other less ethical practices of a particular company.
That is why, I believe that the critical spirit is an asset in this sustainable journey. Doubt, question, research, be demanding, do not let yourself get carried away. This is the profile of the consumer who wants to do more and who wants to be assured that they are really on the right path.