Hello, how can we help?

Hello, how can we help?

Regulations of the Online Store

What are the general terms of use?

All the information can be found in the page Terms and Conditions.

Is it mandatory to create a customer account?


However, when creating a customer account, your shipping and billing address record is saved for future purchases. And this way you can also benefit from eventual promotions for frequent buyers. This way, by returning to MYKUBO you can benefit from a discount on your second purchase, or when you hit a determined value.

These promotions don´t have an effective date nor a pre-defined calendarization. However, the customers with a registered account in our platform, always receive an alert text in the email used for registration.

What are the payment options?

The payment options on the MYKUBO platform are the following:

Pay Pal;


Credit Card;

Debit Card;

ATM reference.

Who to contact in case of a doubt about a certain product?

MYKUBO through the email [email protected]

You can live your phone contact on the message, and this way we can answer in the way that you prefer.

There are products for sale without stock. What are products Available Upon Request?

Products without stock that can be bought on MYKUBO. The artist or brand can produce the product in a certain amount of time. The products available upon request have in their description the average amount of time of production – it can go from two weeks to four months, depending on the material, design and structure of the product.

I want to file a complaint and claim, how should I proceed?

For complaints and claims related to the online platform, you can contact the following email: [email protected].

More information on the website of the General-Direction for Consumers: www.consumidor.gov.pt.

What is MYKUBO's after-sales support contact?

Exchanges and Returns

What is your policy of Exchanges and Returns?

All the information is available at the Exchanges and Returns page.

My order arrived damaged. How to proceed?

You should communicate the problem within 24 hours, indicating the number of your order and a brief description of the malfunction or damage by email to [email protected], or by phone to 215941786, Monday to Friday, between 9:39 am to 6:30 pm.

If the products show obvious signs of use or improper handling, the return will be rejected.

My order does not look like the image on the website.

In case of handmade products, mostly done from natural products, it will be very hard to exist the exact same pieces; the natural products can change in size, color, shape, density, weight and texture.

In this case, the image(s) presented are only to show a reference to the model. For these motives, the fact of the product not being totally equal to the image(s) will not be considered for exchange and/or complaint.

I want to exchange my order for another product. How to proceed?

In case you want to exchange the product you must send the request by email to [email protected] indicating the reason and the product for which you want to exchange, in which case, you must have the product you will return, properly packed and in perfect conditions, with the documents that were sent to you.

Returning costs will be of the responsibility of the buyer.

Our team will send specific instructions on how to return the order(s). Please don´t send the order before receiving the instructions.

What is the deadline to request an exchange or return of a product?

According to the law, the buyers benefit of a period of 14 (fourteen) days, counting from the date of reception of the products, to try out and if don´t like them, you can return them and receive a refund in the same way the product was paid for, if that is not possible then through a bank transfer.

A text must be sent to the email [email protected].

Please, do not send the devolution before receiving the instructions from our team. In case of return under free resolution, if the products show obvious signs of use or improper handling, this return will be rejected.


What is your Privacy Policy?

All the information can be found on the page Privacy Policy.

What is your Cookies Policy?

All the information can be found on the page Cookies Policy.