Under the Legal Regime for Goldsmiths and Assayers (RJOC), approved by Law no. 98/2015, of August 18, as amended by Decree-Law no. 120/2017, of September 15, a precious metal is legally marked when it has stakes as the following marks:

Responsibility mark, manufacture or equivalent;

Contrast mark and touch mark when the that does not include or touch.A brand of responsibility, manufacture or equivalent is an identified brand responsible for placing an item with precious metal on the market and reproduces a private design and a letter of the first name, surname or company, the design and the letter being visibly distinct and enclosed in a certain peripheral.A contrast mark reproduces a legal guarantee mark to touch items with precious metals, or marks as dangerous substances, and identifies a contrast that uses as perimeter definitions, which consists, respectively, of a curved shape, or octagonal irregular symmetrical, as per the Lisbon or Porto Contracts Treaty (see brand drawing).


The symbol differs depending on the metal:

Gold – flight head for touches equal or superior to 800 miles and in-flight flight for touches inferior to 800 miles;

Silver – eagle’s head (facing to the left at legal limits equal to or bigger than 925 miles and to the right at legal limits equal to or inferior to 835 miles;

Platinum – parrot head;

Palladium – lynx head (facing to the left).