Santa Paciência
Santa Paciência

Santa Paciência

    Santa Paciência is a Portuguese brand of handcrafted items for the house. It rises from the union of the usual materials and techniques with the contemporaneity and minimalism that we all seek to bring to our homes.

    With pride, they are part of a new and vibrant movement of contemporary Portuguese craftsmanship, nowadays essential to give expression to a new paradigm of production and consumption, where the handmade objects are distinguished by the care and authenticity, made with time, dedication and attention with consideration of the environmental impact of our choices.

    Most of the materials used in the pieces come from the waste of several Portuguese industries, giving the scraps of marble, leather, cotton or linen a new life and opportunity.

    They combine the simplicity of design with the function of an object, manual tradition and the quality of handcrafted pieces, reinventing concepts with a creative attitude, always working to affirm the image of a traditional Portugal, but rich in contemporary ideas and values.

    Portugal Manual Brand

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