Erikaz Design
Erikaz Design

Erikaz Design

    Erikaz is an accessories brand that started in 2012 with leather, moved to wood and includes acrylic and silver.

    The designer and founder of this project, Érika Soarez, arrived in Lisbon directly from Rio de Janeiro, and started this project as a form of self-search, so “each piece is a piece of herself”, and they are the Erikaz, that give the name to the brand.

    The pieces have the goal of bringing out the beauty of the strength of expression of those who wear them. That those people can reveal themselves and/or communicate to others, and at the same time reinvent themselves, just like the ancestors of the Egyptian, Roman, Indigenous, and African cultures, who incessantly inspire Érika’s creative process.

    She has developed collections for Farm (2014 and 2016) and for Biombo (2016), in addition to a partnership with Avulsa in 2012 and supplying accessories for other brands.

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