Clélia Jewellery
Clélia Jewellery

Clélia Jewellery

    Based in Lisbon, and with several years of career in the Advertising field, Clélia Parreira redraws her path in the world of contemporary jewelry, through her Clélia Jewellery project.

    With deep inspiration in nature and art, she uses traditional and artisanal techniques in the connection between “noble” and traditional metals with varied materials, adding diversity of expression and dimension to the strong emotion, creativity and artistic energy that the pieces reflect.

    Her work is based on the transparency of the “I” as a Being. It understands jewelry as an element that reveals the personality of the person who wears it, and intends not only to mirror the history and passion in the jewelry, but also, through its observation, to make the person who wears it known, the continuation of the occupied body.

    For Clélia, “jewelry is more than a decorative adornment, it is categorically an art form that we can take anywhere”.

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