A Avó Veio Trabalhar
A Avó Veio Trabalhar

A Avó Veio Trabalhar

    The A Avó Veio Trabalhar (Grandma Came to Work) is a intergenerational creative hub for those who have 60 years or more.

    A space for artisanal and creative production, a non-profit initiative with local impact, that produces a network of community of affections where the center is them: the elderly and their craft mastery.

    Age is understood as a power. Each Grandmother has a unique talent, aspirations and passions that are celebrated individually. Likewise, their pieces are also unique and reveal the mastery of their creative hands, the care and affection each product carries when created by them.

    By buying Granny’s products you are empowering a senior woman and allowing her to continue to challenge herself and live to the fullest, making dreams come true and discovering within herself new ways of living and being a woman.

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